Chess Set Designs - A Wide Array to Choose From

A wide array of styles is available for chess set designs, and can be the traditional Staunton sets. These are sets that are completely unique, and include many modern styles. The Staunton sets are named for the renowned player who organized the first chess competition in 1851. Staunton sets are intricately hand-carved, and many of the top retailers provide a certificate of authenticity on their chess sets that are in the luxury price range. Among the top designs in addition to the Staunton sets are sets created by Studio Anne Carlton. SAC is the top manufacturer of the decorative variety of chess sets.

Chess set designs come in an economy range for beginners who don't want to spend the money on an expensive set when learning the game. You can find inexpensive bamboo sets which come with pieces that are magnetic and stick to the squares. The Christina Classic Staunton Chess Set is a double-weighted set but is durable and is almost like a triple-weighted set. The pieces are created in the classic style of the Staunton set. Another variation of the traditional Staunton set is the American Staunton. It features handcrafted pieces, which have exceptional detail.

Serious players love chess set designs that are of the theme variety. These sets are often constructed of marble, with fine detail and durability. Among the favorite styles is the Lewis Carroll Hand-Painted Chess Set featuring characters from Carroll's famous stories. The Christopher Columbus Chess Set features pieces crafted for the American side and the European side. For the European pieces, Columbus is king and Isabella is queen, with the rook designed to resemble one of his ships. The American pieces feature Montezuma as the king, and an Inca sun virgin for the queen. Other pieces are modeled after high priests, chieftains, and warriors.

The famous Battle of Culloden from 1746 is one of the most popular chess set designs. King Richard is featured on a Crusades Set. A hand-painted set featuring Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington are pieces in the Battle of Waterloo Chess Set. One of the most beautiful hand- painted sets features intricate Celtic ornamentation and is based on the battle between Ireland's king, Brian Boru and the Vikings and Norsemen. The Baggio Staunton Set is hand-carved by skilled craftsmen in luxurious bud rosewood. It's one of the finest chess sets created in the world. The Red and Fossil Marble Chess Set, which is intricately carved from onyx and marble, is another popular variation.