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Chess Tournaments - The Most Well Known

Chess tournaments are a continuing series of games of chess played competitively by individual players or by teams. The Continental Chess Association organizes events for players throughout the United States, and has an affiliation with the US Chess Federation. They've been organizing events since the 1960s, which are open to players of all skill levels. U.S. Chess has listings of the states in which all current tournaments are taking place. The USCF provides information about national chess events and clubs and tourneys. Updates are included regarding standings of the top players, and news about correspondence chess.

The first chess tournaments were held in London in 1851. The organizer of the very first event was Howard Staunton, a chess master, scholar, and writer. He was best known for his strategy and planned attacks against opponents. The set that he used to play was a standard size which must be used in competitions around the world today. His writing career after 1851 forced him to give up competitions. Although he was blunt and often rather spiteful in his writings about chess, he was friendly with several of the top players of the time.

As chess tournaments go, the most prestigious tournaments are the Corus Chess Tournament and the Linares Chess Tournament. The Corus Tournament, also known as the Tata Steel Tournament, is an annual event, held every January in the town of Wilk aan Zee, in the Netherlands. Some of the world's top players compete in the event, but it's also open to club players. The only competitor to win five titles is Viswanathan Anand. The Linares Tournament generally takes place toward the end of February, in Linares, Andalusia, Spain. It's so prestigious that it's often referred to as the Wimbledon equivalent of chess. Between 2006 and 2008, the first half of the tournament was held in Morelia, Mexico, so it's sometimes known as the Morelia - Linares Tournament.

Of all the chess tournaments held, the largest event for team participants is the Chess Olympiad. Players from various countries compete in a similar way to the Olympics. The World Chess Federation organizes the event, which is held every two years. The country the competition will take place in is determined by the FIDE. The first time the competition was held, the results were not official. The competition was held in Paris at the same time as the Summer Olympics. Chess could not be included in the games because it was too difficult to determine who the professional players were, and who the amateurs were. Each association can enter a team of five players. A system developed by the Swiss to determine which teams play against other countries is used.